Free Mediation Service

We understand Landlords. Nobody wants to go through a potential lengthy eviction process if they can resolve matters amicably.
A lot of the time there is simple misunderstandings that can cause a snowball effect leading to a complete breakdown of communication between both parties.
Our primary focus is to help landlords to find the quickest and cost effective solution.

Like with most issues in life, it's good to talk.

For further information on this service please call us on 02079765307.

Evict a tenant uk

Serving Legal Notices for Tenant Eviction

How do you evict a tenant?

In simple terms by issuing a legal notice. This is the first compulsory step a landlord has to take in order to initiate the eviction proceedings. Without following one of the steps below the landlord will find it difficult to evict a tenant in the uk.

Section 8 Eviction Notice - This is a minimum 14 day notice that can be served on your tenant if they owe two months' rent or more.

Section 21 Eviction Notice - This is a minimum of two month's notice or more depending on whether your tenancy is still in its fixed term or rolled onto a periodic tenancy.

Over the last ten years we have found that a vast majority of tenants vacate the property once we have served the legal notice(s). To start looking into the tenant eviction procedure or to evict a tenant right now simply call us to ask about our tenant eviction services.


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