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Terms and Conditions


(a) 'The Landlord Line' refers to 'The Landlord Line Limited'.
(b) Cases are handled by the operations team in the Central London office.
(c) The Landlord Line will keep landlords up to date by email.
(d) Delays can occur by courts, you will be kept informed.

Care of Clients

We understand that your property is your investment. To be efficient and for your case to be resolved as quick as possible, we need your help to help us.
Accuracy, detail and speed, these our three points to be successful. The information you provide us must be accurate.
We will endeavour to return every call within 24 hours. At times it may be more time efficient to correspond by email.

Advice & Assessment

We are here to help landlords, we will assess every case without charge and be honest and truthful in our assessment and offer the best options for every landlord and agent.
Our advice is free, we advice landlords only, we never advice tenants due to the potential conflict of interest.

Your Case

Our aim is to make sure your case is successful.
We will advice how long your case is likely to take and update you of the key events of the case in writing.


All of our fees are fixed and all inclusive for notices, accelerated court and bailiffs.
If your case is defended under rent arrears court procedure, there may be extra fixed fee for representation at the next hearing.

Money back guarantee

If we file your claim under section 21 accelerated claim and are not successful we will return all the fees except the court fee of £175.00.

File in Storage

After your case has been concluded we will move your file to storage after 21 days.
We have to keep every file for 6 years, after this time your file will be safely destroyed.
To retrieve your file from storage the fee is £49 inc.


The Landlord Line keeps all clients details and correspondence confidential.
If at times we are contacted by councils, homeless teams or housing associations we will notify you.  

Data Protection

The Data Protection Act requires us to tell you that your details are held on our database.


We are not solicitors, we do not purport to be solicitors, we are not regulated by the law society or the SRA. We are an organisation that assists and supports landlords that may have difficult tenants.

Deposit Scheme

It is the responsibility of all clients to ensure they have complied with the TDS. All clients are reminded section 21 eviction notices & section 8 eviction notices will be deemed invalid should the client not comply with the TDS before serving eviction notices. It is not our responsibility but the clients responsibility to ensure they have complied with the requirement of the TDS in full and this includes providing the tenant the TDS prescribed information.

Complaints Procedure

Following receipt of a written complaint, we will respond to it in writing within 28 days of receipt. We will attempt to resolve problems and or complaints in-house. It is therefore important that if at any time you feel that quality is not being maintained please raise it the moment you feel that an issue has arisen. If you have a complaint about any aspect of our services or the way in which they are being delivered to you, you must raise it the moment it arises.

Termination of services

Advice and assessment are without charge. Commencement of services only start once payment has been made.

(a) If we have been instructed and have drafted and served the notices there will be no refund.
(b) If we have not served any notices and have been instructed to place the file on hold there will be a full refund.
(c) Court - If we have been instructed but have not received the required paperwork to submit to court and you wish to terminate you will receive a full refund.
(d)If we have been instructed for court procedure and submitted the application to court there will be no refund.
(e) If we have instructed bailiffs on your behalf and submitted the application there will be no refund.
(f) If an action is unsuccessful due to incorrect information you have supplied you will forfeit your fees.
(g) Refunds can take up to 21 days to process.

You accept and agree without reservation anything said orally or in an E-mail by The Landlord line which directly contradicts these terms and conditions that these terms and condition shall apply alone. Payment by you for any of the services offered by The Landlord Line is deemed acceptance by you that you have read and understood our terms and conditions and that you fully understand and accept them. Alternatively where you instruct The Landlord Line prior to payment, receipt of your instruction is deemed acceptance by you that you have read and understood our terms and conditions and that you fully understand and accept them. Your continuing instructions will amount to your continued acceptance of our terms and conditions.

The law governing any dispute arising from these terms of business shall be the laws of England.

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